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Hệ thống đo mức két kiểu thổi khí RDLM-XX-QP
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Hệ thống đo mức két kiểu thổi khí RDLM-XX-QP (Mã: RDLM-XX-QP)

Giá: Liên hệ
Nhà sản xuất: RONGDE

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+(84) 4 6261 5111

+(84) 4 6261 4111

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RDLM-XX-QP Air-purge Type Level Gauge

Product Content:


Working Principle: based on the measuring the hydrostatic head of the liquid by providing constant air into a probe (called as sounding pipe) which opens at the tank bottom. When a light quantity of air (supplied from flow regulator) is discharged through the purge mouth at the tank bottom, an air pressure corresponding to the liquid level considering the viscosity will be built up in the sounding pipe.

If the specific gravity of the liquid is known and a pressure in the sounding pipe is measured, it is possible to calculate the distance from the pipe opening to the surface by means of the above expression. The pressure is read on the indicator graduated scale in meters or volume or percent of full tank.

Technical Specification:


  • Range: 0~6m, 0~10m, 0~60m
  • Accuracy: 1.5%FS
  • Blind zone: 100mm
  • Air source pressure: 0.6~0.7MPa
  • Working pressure: 0.3MPa
  • Gas consumption: 10L/Heach point
  • Ambient temperature: -25oC~+60oC
  • Control box mounting: wall mounting type
  • Sounding pipe: Φ10×1 seamless steel tube



  • Continuous measuring tank level
  • Sounding pipe flushing
  • Simple structure, excellent price, easy to use
  • Indicate with special low range Bordon tube
  • Install in hazardous area without power