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Hệ thống đo mức kiểu Rada RDLM-XX-GM/RA
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Hệ thống đo mức kiểu Rada RDLM-XX-GM/RA (Mã: RDLM-XX-GM/RA )

Giá: Liên hệ
Nhà sản xuất: RONGDE

Đặt hàng qua điện thoại

+(84) 4 6261 5111

+(84) 4 6261 4111

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RDLM-XX-GM/RA Radar Type Level Gauge



Be used to monitor liquid level for oilcan, pagoda, and slot or production platform. Also, be used in various oil tankers and chemical ships.


Operational principle:


Radar transmitter adopt C Band or K Band technology for continuous level measurement. The process as follow: first, the antenna of the radar sensor emits a short radar pulses a duration of approx. 1ns. These pulses are reflected by the object and received by the antenna as echoes. The running time of the radar pulses from emission to reception is proportional to the distance and hence to the level. The determined level is converted into an appropriate output signal and outputted as measured value.


Germany VEGA:


  •   VEGAPULS radar sensor
  •   VEGAFLEX microwave pilot 

Technological parameter:


  •   Range: 0~10m, 0~35m
  •   Accuracy: ≤ max0.1%
  •   Power: DC24V
  •   Output signal: 4~20mA
  •   Protection class: IP67
  •   Ex-proof rank: Exia II CT6