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Bộ điều khiển gas cỡ nhỏ KB2200
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Bộ điều khiển gas cỡ nhỏ KB2200 (Mã: KB2200)

Giá: Liên hệ
Nhà sản xuất: HANWEI

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+(84) 4 6261 5111

+(84) 4 6261 4111

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KB2200 Small size with LCD indication

Brief description:

KB2200 Gas controller is single-point gas monitoring system designed by our company. It is used for detecting gas concentration in the air. Each zone can connect one detector. The system could connect to detectors for different gases in the same time. The system adopts MCU as control unit, excellent gas sensor with high sensitivity and fast response. It will give visual and audible alarm when the gas concentration reach or exceed the presetting alarm level to remind you to take effective actions in time and it could also start the ventilation fan and other equipment to prevent from accident and explosions.
This controller adopts color LCD display, window-type interface with keyboard, easy operation. With anti-jamming software technology, have a high reliability, maintenance.


  • With 32-industrial embedded microprocessors, adopts embedded real-time operating system and rich functions application software, to complete the transmitter signal sampling, filtering, calculation, fault testing, keys Scan, display driver, various alarm display and alarm control functions.
  • With an simulate channel input can be connected any 4-20 mA output equipment
  • With an simulate channel output, can upload the working signal to the DCS secondly, and other industrial equipment which can collect 4-20 mA signal
  • 4 Relay passive switch output, as a trigger signal of external device can also as a direct driver to use. Each relay can be set separately, flexible
  • Can manage different types of gases, different range and different data units detector
  • Support dual power input, you can directly use 220 VAC power supply, can also use the 24 DC power supply, easy to use
  • Color LCD display, human tips, operating more convenient
  • Independent zone, random combinations, strong expansibility


  • Installation method: Cabinet
  • Detector model: 4-20mA like our BS01, BS03 etc.
  • Response time: <=10s
  • Indication method: Color LCD display real time data and system state;LED indicates alarm or fault state; Visual and audio indication for alarm and fault. 
  • Contact output: passive contact capacity 3A/AC220V
  • Working method: continuous working 
  • Working condition: Temperature: -10oC-50oC Humidity: <=95%RH
  • Power supply: AC220V +/-15% 50Hz +/-1% or DC24V +/-25%
  • Consumption: <=10W / zone
  • Detector power supply: DC24V +/-25%
  • Dimension per zone: 180mmX42mmX176mm (lXwXh)
  • Overall dimension: 287mmX490mmX176mm (lXwXh)
  • Connection cable size: >=RVVP 4X2.5 mm2 
  • Transform distance: <=1000m