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Đầu dò nhiệt lò nung FRS-LI-208 Series
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Đầu dò nhiệt lò nung FRS-LI-208 Series (Mã: FRS-LI-208)

Giá: Liên hệ
Nhà sản xuất: PIEPER

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FRS-LI-208 Series

Furnace probe with integrated lighting 

With the new combustion chamber probes of the FRS-LI-208 series PIEPER GMBH is extending its product offer for the high-temperature range. 

The newly developed special probes with unchanged dimensions compared to the standard furnace probes have an integrated lighting unit which sets new standards in image quality for hot-dip galvanizing. Equipped with controllable luminous intensity on the probe tip, the models, which are available in axial and radial implementation, supply sufficient ambient light for an exceptional visualization of the production sequence. 

The additional use of viewing windows and external floodlights becomes unnecessary with this innovative construction design. 


Key features

  • Furnace probe with integrated lighting
  • Furnace probe cameras in different versions 
  • Radial and axial models available
  • Digital/optical zoom lenses
  • Applicable up to 2,400°C